4 Problems Hiding in Your Work Uniform Rental Invoice

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

4 Problems Hiding in Your Work Uniform Rental Invoice

The right work uniform rental program provides more than high-quality work uniforms: it allows you to focus on your business and not the business of laundering and maintaining work uniforms.

So, if you’re having problems with your bill and having to spend a lot of time to understand and dispute questionable invoice charges, you’ve probably got the wrong work uniform partner – and here’s what you can do about it to protect your organization.

Hidden Invoice Problems

Here’s what may be hiding inside your work uniform rental invoice or “delivery ticket”:

  1. Special Price Increases: while all work uniform rental agreements have some provision for rate increases in your agreement, some providers – especially the nationals – inappropriately use the “special off-cycle price increase” clause to jack up their rates multiple times a year without notifying you
  2. Uniform Shortages: missing uniforms cost you time and productivity and put you in the uniform business
  3. Supply Shortages: few clients have time to count their shop towels or their floor mats. How can you be sure you’re not being shorted?
  4. Poor Uniform Condition: when wear and tear goes un-repaired or not replaced, your image suffers

Let Us Review Your Invoice

If you have experienced any of the above problems, or simply want to be sure that you’re with the right company, contact the experts at Budget Uniform Rental. We will provide a free, no-obligation invoice and delivery ticket audit that can tell you whether you’re getting what you need from your uniform rental program, at a price that makes sense.

We are a local, family-owned uniform rental company and we take our obligation to our clients very seriously. Our Los Angeles-area clients don’t have to think about whether their employees have a reliable source of high-quality work uniforms because that’s our job.

But we don’t stop there. Because a high-quality work uniform is the least you should expect from your uniform supplier. If you’re not getting the highest quality work uniform service, you need another provider. At Budget Uniform Rental, we stand behind everything we do!

If you can’t say the same about your current work uniform supplier, give us a call at (310) 532-7550.

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