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The Local and Family-Owned Advantage

When situations change rapidly, local and family-owned businesses often have a big advantage. Unlike large national chains that have to work through a cumbersome chain of command, a well-run family-owned enterprise can use its tight-knit team structure to its advantage. At Budget Uniform Supply, relationships with our customers are built on three-generations of local...

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The Hidden Costs of Cutting Your Work Uniform Program

In a challenging economy, business owners can be tempted to cut costs without thinking through the potential consequences or impact on the company’s reputation. Hidden costs of eliminating a uniform program can snowball into an expensive mess if you don’t consider these calculations: Each employee needs 5 shirts and pants purchased up front, including...

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The Power of a High-Quality Work Uniform Program in the Service Industry

There are a lot of ways to differentiate yourself in the service industry and of course, providing reliably high-quality service at a fair price tops the list. But you can’t overlook the importance of a professional image, no matter how exceptional your work may be. Research shows that company image and professionalism directly impact...

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