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Details Make the Difference in a Work Uniform Program You Can Trust

On the home page of our website, we ask a very important question: “Is Managing Work Uniform Problems Your Second Job?” If the answer is “yes,” you know how important attention to detail is when it comes to keeping a work uniform program running smoothly. And how much time it takes away from focusing...

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Time for a Work Uniform Revamp?

Work Uniform Upgrade & Revamp

When was the last time your employees received upgraded work uniforms? If you’re multiple years into your current uniform program, or have renewed it a few times without receiving replacement uniforms, your uniforms may be too old and worn to optimize your company’s branding, to maximize employee morale and may actually put your employees...

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Happy Customers Keep Employees Happy Too

Employee turnover is always a concern for small and mid-size business owners.  And while a tight labor market makes turnover more difficult, taking steps to keep your employees satisfied in their jobs is a smart business move in any economy. Turnover is costly, with one study estimating that the cost of losing one employee...

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5 Work Uniform Essentials that Protect Your Products

We tend to emphasize the ways in which high quality work uniforms are designed to help prevent employee illness, injury or burns, but it’s just as important to protect the products you make – especially food and health products– from damage or contamination that can occur if your work uniform program is not doing...

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