Work Uniform Auto-Sorting Equipment

There’s nothing worse than when a work uniform company comes up short, leaving your employees with the choice of wearing dirty uniforms or none at all.

But if your work uniform provider has the right system, the risk of lost uniforms can be virtually eliminated.

Auto-Sorting Hardware

At Budget Uniform Rental, we always know where your work uniforms are.

To reduce the risk of lost items, Budget Uniform Rental has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a system that automatically sorts each uniform all way down to the individual wearer. Our custom-designed auto-sorting system includes both barcode and RFID scanning technology.

The system uses gravity to reduce energy consumption. Constructed of high carbon steel, the system sorts 2,500 items per hour with low maintenance costs

See our auto-sorting system for yourself:

Customer Work Uniform Information

Our auto-sorting system provides information about your work uniforms through an online customer portal. You can view who did or didn’t turn in their work uniforms as well as your invoicing and billing statements.You can also call us anytime at (310) 532-7550.

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