Why Budget Uniform?

It’s all in what we deliver. High Quality.
High Standards. High ROI.

Our family has learned a few things after being in the textile business for half a century. One golden rule? Quality lasts. That’s why the garments and products that you rent from Budget Uniform stand up to nearly anything. It’s also why, when anything needs mending or replacing, you rarely have to mention it – we notice it ourselves and immediately take care of it. Our goal is to deliver flawless, hassle-free service throughout the entire process – from setting up your account precisely to your needs, to pick-up, maintenance, delivery, and more.

This service is all part of the high standard we set at Budget Uniform: when you rent from us, you never have to worry about getting the correct quantities, the right garments for the right employee, or rental-related productivity losses. Those are all the things we worry about – to make certain you never have to.

Why rent? Simple. Renting uniforms and facility maintenance products from Budget Uniform eliminates costly up-front expenditures and the reliance on employees to wash, repair, and remember to bring back their own work clothing.

More with Less

We share the same planet you do, and we want it to be as safe for you as it is for us. So Budget Uniform has installed a brand new washing system that uses less water while getting garments cleaner with less detergent – detergent that’s free of harsh chemicals and safer for the environment.

We’re so proud of the system that, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, we’ll give you a tour. You’ll be surprised at how green clean can be.


New Orders: What You Need, When You Need It

In early? Staying late? Doesn’t matter. Whenever you realize you need something else from Budget Uniform, just use the online order form to submit a request, and we’ll take care of it as soon as we get back to the office.

You get just what you need, when you need it, as you need it. Every time. And, at a Budget price that keeps your overhead low and your ROI high.

Request a quote today for work uniforms, commercial floor mats and other rental products