Work Uniform Testimonials

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M&S Mobile Truck Repair“Best decision our company could have made. From beginning to end, we sat down with our sales rep, Juan Oropeza, and his sales manager, Jose Sanchez, and they made sure to answer all of our questions to the ‘T’.”

“It’s insane how a change in uniform transforms the mechanics attitude to the work environment. They [the employees] are very pleased and are loving the uniforms…Most importantly they look very professional and presentable. Overall very pleased with everything and would 100% recommend Budget Uniform Rental to all of our colleagues.”
Laura Ceja, M&S Mobile Truck Repair

Harry's Auto Collision“Our company has just switched over to Budget Uniform. They have been very helpful and thorough throughout the process especially Jose Sanchez! They are a lot more personable and easy to reach than the previous 2 companies we’ve had so far!”
Harry’s Auto Collision Group

Toyota Pasadena“Budget Uniform is the best work uniform company I’ve ever worked with. Managers from all three locations agreed that Budget was the right choice. I’m told it was unanimous. There was simply no comparison with the big national company the dealership we used before. When the company we had been using was taken over by the national uniform provider, the service just fell apart.”

“From dilapidated uniforms to missing garments, the problems were met with total complacency from the provider who said, ‘we don’t lose garments.’ Then I said, ‘how come I have other people’s garments in my lockers on a regular basis?’ That has never happened with Budget.”

“Budget’s process for upgrading is better than anybody I’ve ever met and I do expect a lot. At our dealership, customers expect a higher level of service than they can get by bringing their car into a local auto parts franchise. And I expect my work uniform program to reflect that same level of service and attention to detail. We’re in the people business, not the car business.”

“After 40 years in the auto industry, I’ve worked with every national uniform provider in the country and Budget is the only one who can get that right.”
Kevin Young, Service Manager for Symes Toyota Pasadena

Ellsworth Truck & Auto Machining Logo“After 59 years in business, I had never fired my work uniform provider, even when they changed hands four or five times. Then a national provider took over. That’s when it seemed like it got really bad. I made numerous attempts to get them to resolve my work uniform issues.”

“Everybody has their problems, but you could never get hold of anybody who could make a decision. They didn’t correct the problems. I’d get hold of a supervisor and tell them the problem and they just didn’t care.”

“We pride ourselves on meeting customer needs cheerfully, professionally and on time. Finally, I’d had enough. I really, really wanted to make a change. Budget showed up at the right time.”

“All of Budget’s uniforms were tip-top: all new with new patches. They did exactly what they said they would do. The uniforms are always clean. They aren’t wrinkled.”

“Budget uniform is really a first-class company. They really truly are. We are small potatoes to them I’m sure, but they treat us like we’re a big client. Their service is fabulous.”
Al Ellsworth, Owner of Ellsworth Truck & Auto Machining

Bay Cities Auto Body“Budget uniform has been a great experience for our shop. They are very efficient and the staff is very friendly and understanding. After using other companies in the past we would not go back to them after our experience with budget uniform. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a change in uniform companies. they have exceeded our expectations.”Brian Engeln, Manager at Bay Cities Auto Body – Harbor City, CA

Pacific Die Casting“Budget is the embodiment of a family business. Every employee I have talked to or dealt with at Budget Uniforms has been cordial, respectful, helpful, and most importantly, they have provided great uniform service. I have dealt with bigger, corporate uniform companies, and none come close to the experience and service that Budget has provided.”

“Being an employee of a family business as well, it has been nothing but a pleasure doing business with another family company in Budget Uniform Company.”Dominic Orlandini, Asst. Production Manager for Pacific Die Casting – Commerce, CA

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