Rental Products

The items you rent from Budget Uniform Rental help you get down to business – while we take care of all the day-to-day essentials. From durable and stylish garments we wash and maintain, to essential restroom supplies, even down to the tools you need to keep your workspace clean and clear – we keep track of it all so you don’t have to. Clean uniforms, clean workspace, and clean, well-stocked restrooms: they’re good for morale and good for business. Learn about our work uniform program here.

Work Uniforms
We offer a wide range of garments to dress your employees from head to toe – in stylish, durable uniforms suitable to your industry. We will maintain and launder your uniforms and have them back to you clean and on time. Uniforms
Floor Mats
Well-placed rental mats could be the difference between a trouble zone and a safe workplace for all your employees. We offer a wide range of floor mats, including scraper mats and logo mats that can be customized with your logo.Floor Mats
Restroom Supplies

Keeping your workplace in order can derail your day. That’s why Budget Uniform Rental makes it simple to keep all your essentials fully stocked. Including restroom supplies to your rental package means that you’ll avoid emergency trips to the store because you’ll never run out of toilet paper.

Restroom Supplies

Maintenance Supplies: Wet Mops, Dust Mops, Shop Towels, Fender Covers & More
Our rental maintenance supplies help you keep your workplace clean without the hassle. We deliver your maintenance supplies with your clean garments and pick them up for cleaning too. Keeping a clean workspace is good for morale, and streamlining the process is good for you. Maintenance Supplies