Our History

Traditional Values – New Technology


We began when cars were big and fins were bigger. When Alaska and Hawaii had just become states, we took to the boulevards of Southern California just as Ben Hur raced his chariot across the silver screen and pantyhose and microchips were first introduced to the world. We are, in fact, the same age as Barbie and, like her, we’ve changed with the times.

Back in the 50s, folks were proud of their brand new home washers and dryers and prouder of how clean those machines got their clothes. Yet, even then, we got clothes a lot cleaner than people did at home.

Now, half a century later, three generations of our family have turned the concept of “clean” into both a science and an art – keeping you and your work clothes looking great without harming the environment. That’s important to us.

So whenever we can, we implement technology and processes that minimize pollution, eliminate waste, and offer solutions that make sense – ecologically and financially.

Why? It’s simple. We’re a family business. We care about what happens to ourselves and our customers so, frankly, we have to be better. We don’t just promise service, we deliver what we promise and adapt to the needs of our customers. For our family, it’s personal. For our customers, it’s personal attention.

We’re not interested in being the biggest. Just the best.

When you look good, so do we. We pride ourselves on having helped your employees look their best for half a century. In Budget Uniform’s 50th Anniversary year of providing durable, impeccably maintained uniforms, plus safety, cleaning, and restroom supplies, you can count on our continued delivery of:

  • Personal attention
  • Guaranteed service
  • No-hassle special requests
  • Immediate, same-day attention to requests and emergencies

Our customer-first policy has assured Budget Uniform’s customers of reliable, trouble-free operations for three generations.

Depend on Budget Uniform’s unique maintenance systems to reduce interruptions and downtime while increasing your productivity. You’ll not only look your best in person, you’ll look great on the bottom line.

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