Maintenance Rental Programs

Custom Maintenance Supply Rental Programs: Tailored to fit your business.

View some examples of our rental programs for small, medium, and large businesses.

Small Business Rental Program Example:

  • A quantity of industrial shop towels (50 – 200/wk.) for various purposes.
  •  A floor mat at the front door (4×6).
  • A dust mop to clean the shop.
  •  Locally owned and operated.
  • Often is automotive related or a small manufacturer or machine shop.

Medium-Sized Company Rental Program Example:

  • 1 -2 different types of wiping towels (shop towels and/or other type).
  • Restroom Supplies being supplied:  centerpull towels, soy soap for heavy duty dirt, and an air freshener or two.
  • 2- 3 floor mats of various sizes:  one 4×6 mat inside the lobby, 1 3×5 scraper for outside the front door, and a 3×4 mat in the doorway between the office and the shop.
  • Regionally based company with a couple of managers involved as well as ownership of the company.
  • Usually manufacturing or service based industries.

Large Company Rental Program Example:

  • Multiple departments and/or locations throughout the region.
  • Utilizes the full line of restroom supplies offered in multiple restrooms.
  • Has floor mats throughout the facility for cleanliness and safety purposes.
  • Dust mops and wet mops are supplied.
  • Several types of towels used for different applications (wiping of oil/grease, detailing of cars, wiping of food prep areas).
  • Food service, transportation/warehousing, service based industries.
  • Regionally based or even has a national or global presence.
  • Multiple managers/locations involved with decisions, including someone from purchasing or the C-suite.