Work Uniform Rental

Look Professional in Any Situation

The garments your employees get back from Budget Uniform are as clean as they can be and always ready to wear. They look good on because we fit them to each wearer – and look great to your customers. That’s good for morale and for business – and great for making lasting first impressions.

Whether you need front office attire, shop floor protection, or field service garments, Budget Uniform has just what you need and a program to fit your requirements.

Personal Attention for More Personalized Service

What works for one business may not work for yours, so Budget Uniform offers several options for uniform rental and can tailor a program that’s just right for you.

Full Service Rental Service

Budget Uniform’s Full-Service Rental program typically provides each employee with two weeks’ worth of uniforms plus one extra set. Each week, when Budget Uniform delivers the clean garments, we pick up the soiled ones then inspect them, make any needed repairs or upgrades, clean them, and then check them again to be sure they’ll make employees look (and feel) their best.

As part of Budget Uniform’s Full-Service Rental program, we exchange garments for another size, measure new employees for their own set of uniforms, and check with your managers about removing the garments of employees who no longer work for you.

Let us design the right Full-Service Rental program for you.

Unilease Option

The ultimate convenience is Budget Uniform’s Full-Service Rental program, but your business may not need all its benefits. If your work environment won’t show up on TV’s Dirty Jobs, or your field-dispatched employees rarely come into the office, the Budget Uniform Unilease Program may be all that you need.

In most situations, we supply a week’s worth of uniforms, but your workers take care of the laundering. We still make sure the fit is right, make any changes when employees’ sizes change, and replace worn out garments, but your employees are in charge of the rest.

If the Budget Uniform Unilease Program sounds like the right fit for you, get in touch with us today.

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